Roulette Table Layout

how to beat rouletteAt first glance, every roulette table layout may look the same. They each feature 36 numbers divided into 12 rows and three columns. On the outside are zones for betting the columns, sequential dozens, red, black, low (1~18), high (19~36), odd and even.

But look closer at the roulette layout. Is it just imagination, or do the red numbers really wind like a serpent from 1 to 36? Have the black numbers actually clustered around the 5 and 29, leaving 17 and 20 isolated in the center of the table?

The longer you study the patterns of the roulette table layout, the more the numbers seem to take on personalities. Some become old friends—“Lucky Seven” and “Fortunate Five.” Others are conspirators—“Evil Thirteen” and “Dreaded Double Zero.” You begin to recognize the show-stealers and the outcasts. You can tell the wall-flowers from the gypsies.

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American and European roulette table layout

American and European roulette table layouts are certainly similar, the main difference being the addition of a double zero next to the single zero on the former. French tables tend to be a bit wider to accommodate larger betting areas for the even money wagers and special positions for the dozens on either side of the main field. In Monte Carlo, two identical layouts are offered at each roulette table, with the wheel positioned between them, so that more people can play.

american roulette table layout

Making a bet at a roulette table

When making a bet at a roulette table, taking care in chip placement will help you avoid the possibility of costly disputes. For a wager straight-up on a single number, your chip(s) must be completely inside the numbered rectangle, not touching any of the surrounding lines. For a split bet on a pair of numbers, have the chip straddle the line separating the two numbers.

For a corner or block bet (four adjoining numbers), your chip goes right on the intersection where your numbers meet. When you bet on a street (row of three) or a six-line (two adjacent rows of three), put your chip at the very end of the section you wish to bet, inside the field, not on the outside where there is no printing.

Fascinating opportunities

Be aware that the red and black numbers are not evenly distributed within the table layout. Although the three dozens, the first column, the odd/even and the high/low each contain equal numbers of both colors, the remaining two columns do not. The second column favors black 8:4, while the third column favors red 8:4.

This anomaly leads to some fascinating opportunities. For example, placing a bet of five units on red and three units on the middle column will give you a winning ratio of 26:37 or 70.27 percent on the European roulette table. For winners, it pays a profit of one unit on eight black numbers, two units on 14 red numbers, and eleven units on the four red numbers bet in common.

Another fun bet on the roulette table is two units on black and one unit on the block containing 0-1-2-3. The probability of winning is 21:37 or 56.76 percent, with wins of one unit on 17 black numbers, six units on the two red numbers and zero, and ten units if the deuce comes up.

When playing in a crowded casino, always try to get a position near the center of the roulette table layout. Reaching the small numbers and the zero is almost impossible from the far end of the table. You can ask one of the croupiers to position your bet, but it’s sometimes hard to get their attention, and they have been known to make mistakes.

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